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New skins available!

Marisa Giancarla Nice 2 months ago
cHyper-0815OL created a new topic ' Mods' in the forum. 2 months ago

compass mod added:

Cobble iron Cobble 

Is the modified recipe!


cHyper-0815OL created a new topic ' Welcome new member!' in the forum. 2 months ago

I am new and welcome to this forum!

Age: 45
Location: Austria
Interests: Gaming (PC: Windows,Linux; console: ps3 + ps4, IT - Hard- and software)

I played many years minecraft when I found out (google) that a open source version of a voxelgame exists! minetest.
I play on several servers to have fun with the game and other to play.

But i do not only play on servers or offline, i like to help developing others with mods and other stuff. I also have a own texturepack called tronic,
everybody can use tronic (minetest version 0.3.1 and 5.x) it is very cool and under WIP state.



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